songsan special elevators

Arch Elevator

Round Entrance Elevator of Songsan Special Elevators co. Ltd., Design pioneer of domestic elevator, created and adopted arch type design as a renovated new concept instead of existing rectangular elevator entrance.
Highly luxurious Round Entrance Elevator with arch style design not only supplies comfortable and convenient spatial feeling by providing highly effective space layout but also elevate the elegance of architectural space through ultramodern creative design.
Only renovation of lobby floor entrance at existing elevator will achieve innovative effect.

  • Metalic Gold Pearl
  • Fluoropolymers
  • Special Finishing
  • Special Laminate
  • Safety Glass
  • Marble Stone

Special advangates of Round Entrance Elevator

  • High graceful design : Arch type design used at ancient palace, triumphal arch etc. was applied to elevator first time in the world, and we supply distinguishable high graceful visual space than existing elevator.
  • By dispersing the vertical gravitational pressure to the sides with unique capability of arch configuration, the elevator provides safer structure than general elevators.
  • Round Entrance Elevator provide elegant and comfortable spatial feeling when getting on and off the elevator with increased effective height of 100~300mm at entrance than general elevators.

Round Entrance Styles




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