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SONGSAN Handylift is a safe and convenient lifting system specially designed for the wheel-chair-riding disabled persons or those having difficulty in walking, and can be installed inside or outside of any type of building structures without requiring additional space.

This wheelchair lift for the physically disabled and the elderly which has been developed and localized for the first time in the nation by us SONGSAN, the No.1 maker of special lifting equipment, has been officially authenticated as a top-quality product in the nation by its excellent performance, best quality, perfect safety standard and the highest-level technical know-how.

We, SONGSAN, the leader with the best products and the most advanced technology which has been already proven by its obtaining authentication such as NT(New Technology), EM(Excellent Machine) and ISO 9001, and as an export-facilitating strategic business enterprise replacing foreign wheelchair lifts, have undertook 'Leading Technology Development Project' under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and developed innovative technologies to provide smart and compact-designed Handylifts to a variety of buildings such as major welfare institution for the physically disabled, railway station buildings, subway stations, public facilities, public offices, educational, medical, religious, cultural facilities, underground passages, hotels, shopping centers, local centers and individual residences in the nation where the handicapped, older people frequent.

We, SONGSAN, have been building the highest reputation and trust through complete and thorough post management which gives the highest priority to customers' convenience with our commitment to 'Green Technology Spirit' which promotes convenience for all the people having difficulties in moving around through our advanced technology and excellent products.

Product list
New-concept Modular Elevator which requires no machine room.
Escalator & Moving Walk
- Public Heavy duty type
- Commercial type
Wheelchair lift (Handylift) for the handicapped and the elderly.
Hydraulic Freight Elevator (HYDRO-2000)
Wire-rope Freight Elevator (ELVRO-3000) AC-VVV
Passenger Elevator (AC-VVVF Invertor & Hydraulic)
Home Elevator (Compact Homelift)
Dumb waiter
Arch elevators

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